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Bleached and Dyed-Rooster Coque Tails approximately 11-14 inches long are strung (sewn) together near the tip of each quill. Rooster Coque tails tend to be long, narrow feathers (about 3/4-1" wide) with a sturdy, but flexible spine. These half-bronze iridescent coque tails are stripped from their natural color through a bleaching process that turns the feathers to a beautiful coral color. NOTE- YOU WILL RECEIVE 3" STRUNG OF FEATHERS. PLEASE NOTE that colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Rooster Coque Tails are also great for making headpieces, mask, Floral Bouquets and Home Decor Accents.

11-14" Coral Rooster Coque Tails Bleach Dyed Feathers

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