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Mavette is a 100% Pure blooded Polynesian who not only loves her culture but takes great pride in it. She's been a Polynesian dancer since she was a young girl back in the islands and has been immersed and exposed to the dances, styles, and techniques of various Polynesian ethnic groups. Growing up, Mavette had the luxury of visiting many different Polynesian islands, and was able to observe and learn their unique ways of creating traditional Polynesian costumes and accessories. This allowed her to incorporate variety and uniqueness in each and every one of her pieces over the past 20+ years. Mavette is now an international costume designer who has worked with various different dancers, businesses, and dance groups allowing her to build long lasting rapport and family like relationships with many people. Mavette is well versed in the requirements and rules for many various dance competitions and always makes sure that her dancers costumes are made with love, quality, care, and confidence. 

Melissa is Mavette's daughter and has been fully emersed and brought up in her Polynesian culture. She too has been a dancer for many years and has learned everything she knows about crafting from Mavette. Melissa has grown up assisting her mother with this business and appreciates the brand and company that her mother has worked so hard to successfully build. When you contact Tiare 'O Patitifa it is Melissa that is assisting you personally with every message and order request. Melissa believes that all customers should be treated as family members and must be assisted with the utmost love and respect. This mentality has solidified relationships and built strong rapport with their clientele base worldwide. 

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