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Delivering the beautiful scents of the Islands straight to you with
our Organic Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs. The Raw Sugar Crystals
help to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin, whilst the Coconut
Oil and Vitamin E duo aid in moisturizing, rejuvenating and strengthening your skins natural barrier function. Use our scrub twice a week to boost the clarity and softness of your skin.

Our sugar scrubs come in 4 different scents and are the perfect addition to your bath and body regime.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sugar Crystals, Vitamin E, Natural plant extracts, and Fragrance.

Natural Flower Extract comes straight from the island of Tonga.

MOHOKOI: (Ylang Ylang flower)
A rich banana-toned floral scent with jasmine nuances, it is sweet and narcotic, with an erotic aphrodisiac aroma.
The Ylang Ylang flower (ilang-ilang) is a flower that is commonly used and appreciated in aroma therapy. Its traditional Polynesian names include Mata‘oi (Cook Islands), Mohokoi (Tonga), Moso‘oi (Samoa), Moto‘oi (Hawaii), and Mokosoi, Mokasoi or Mokohoi (Fiji).

HEILALA: (Garcinia sessilis flower)
A sweet and narcotic nutty vanilla scent with hints of gardenia for an overall erotic yet floral scent.
The Heilala flower is the national flower of the island of Tonga.

HUNI: (Ixora - West Indian Jasmine)
A rich sweet apple floral scent with musky and woody notes at the base.
This flower is most similar to the Jasmine flower in scent. Its traditional Polynesian names include: huni Tonga, huni ʻInitia, huni kautoto; ko e kau kulokula, huni kulukona; ko e kakala ʻiloa ia
huni tangitangi, huni vao, huni kula (Tonga), Suni, Sunivao, Filofiloa (Samoa).

TIARE: (Gardenia)
Sweet pure floral aroma, with a gentle musk. Close to Jasmine in scent but more delicate. A fragrant queen amongst tropical flowers. Its traditional Polynesian names include: Tiare Mā'ohi, Tiaré Tahiti (French Polynesia), Tiare Māori, Tialé Māoli (Cook Islands), Pua Samoa, Pua Fiti, Tiale (Samoa), Siale Tonga (Tonga), Bua (Fiji)

Made in the USA.

Not tested on animals.

Small size is 4oz.
Regular size is 8oz.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs, Manongi, Monoi Oil, Huni, Mohokoi, Heil

$19.50 Regular Price
$17.55Sale Price
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