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This decorative braid measures approximately 3/4" - 1" braids

NOTE--Compare this to the weaved lauhala, it's very strong and last longer!

Beautiful for making Polynesian costumes.

This Bac bac braids are hand-woven with eco-friendly banana bark materials.

NOTE- This is a natural materials, no dye or shine, straight from the trees.
This Bac Bac braid is constructed from organic banana bark strips that vary in color, texture, and character.

This dried natural banana bark fibers are flexible and can be shaped to fit any complicated structure in an elegant manner.

Outline furniture, tiki bars, palapas, tables, and more with our multi functional Bac Bac braid product.

The mix of dark cocoa and honey browns will compliment any décor scheme beautifully.

Natural Dried Bac Bac Braided Banana Bark

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