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This is a sample of what we can make for you! ALL COSTUMES ARE MADE TO ORDER. We also provide one single clear straps. OPTION OF THE HALA ROSETTES YOU SEE ON THE BRA OR COWRIE ROSETTES & BLACK OR WHITE PEARLS. PLEASE LET US KNOW. Bra is covered with tapa cloth only.. The back of the bra is covered with tapa cloth too! NOTE--Please note that all tapa cloth is unique and not duplicated so tapa cloth will vary from the picture but I do use tapa cloth that is similar to the picture. All items are 100% authentic and handmade by us here at Tiare, if you would like to customize items on the bra feel free to send me a message and i have no problem making this bra uniquely to your liking! :) If you purchase this listing and ask for a larger size than what you have selected, I will not start your order until you've paid the difference of the size. Guaranteed fast shipping!

Tapa Cloth Bra with Lauhala Rosettes & Pearls

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