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These are authentic loose undrilled Tahitian Black Pearls. 


You are buying a SINGLE Tahitian Black Pearl, if you need more than one please add more to your cart. We will be picking a random pearl based on the size you've selected. Our pearls are very high quality and have little to no blemishes. 


Pricing varies based on size. If you'd like your pearl to be drilled please make the appropriate selection before adding the pearl to your cart, pricing varies based on all selections you make.


We can drill just about any size hole from 1-3.5mm as long as the pearl permits it. The standard hole width we drill is 2mm but you are free to specify what hole size you'd like, if not we will default the hole size to 2mm.


Undrilled - The pearl will be sent to you in its natural form without any drilling

Half Hole - We will drill on one side of the pearl that will only go halfway through the pearl

Full Drill - We will drill from one side of the pearl straight through to the other side of the pearl for a full hole that is on both ends. 

Authentic Tahitian Black Pearls (Loose)

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