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Genuine Tapa Cloth/Ngatu Piece. This is a great piece for those of you who want to add your own design to it. We cut the pieces from each square that you see on this listing. You will receive 24" x 18" piece only. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH PIECE YOU PREFER. NOTE- The actual color may vary slightly from what you see, due to differences in how monitors display the colors. This is perfect for a picture frame or books. MEASUREMENT- Approximately 24" x 18" for each square. The process for making such a valuable and useful handicraft is a labor intensive process. It starts with the growing, cultivating and harvesting of the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree or (hiapo). Once cleaned, the strips of inner bark are pounded with a wooden mallet (ike) on a long wooden anvil (tutua) From there, the strips are glued together using a paste made from tapioca root. This pieces has been Traditionally dyes. These dyes came from various roots and clay — bark from the koka tree is often scraped, soaked in water and then strained to create a rusty red-brown hue. Two or more layers of the cloth are pasted together crosswise to strengthen the material. All tapa cloth has small minor imperfections. This tapa cloth sell pretty fast so if you have any question, you can message me and I will answer it for you! This item is handmade so patterns will be similar but not exact. Other sizes are available upon request. Guaranteed fast shipping!

24"x18" Authentic Polynesian Tapa Cloth Pieces.

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