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This is a tapa cloth and lauhala flower, accented with braided coconut fibers and sea shell with a black pearl in the center of the shell. This beautiful tapa cloth flower will also great for your wedding,or wedding favors or with your beautiful island wear. This is a hair clip..or accessorie for your dance costume. Today I made 100 of these flowers for a big order from Japan, so I decided to list one and to give you an idea that not only for hair clip or hair flower, you can add this flower to your creations ;) Most of my customers order this flower to add it to their Tahitian or Cook Island Dance Headpiece. Measurements- small- 4"-5" med 6"-7" large-8" Option--you can have it with darker tone tapa cloth or with more print. We do give discount for large orders and group orders!

Braided Coconut Fiber, Lauhala & Tapa Flower Hair Clip

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